The Resident Witch by Marian T. Place

Fun and full of witches, this book is perfect for every children’s book club.

– Macy

That was a pathetic attempt at making my own (and first) book blurb. I find them fascinating. I always make sure to read all the blurbs before beginning any book. I think they’re smartly written. Don’t worry, I will get better at this.

The Resident Witch by Marian T. Place is a re-read. I remember not liking it that much when I read it for the first time when I was about fourteen. But after reading it now, all I could think of is missing being a kid. Weirdly, this book reminds me of playtime and is making me feel nostalgic.

However, while the book is fun and amusing, it lacked the suspense I was expecting. I now equate witches with excitement, danger, magnificence, and suspense. It’s J. K. Rowling’s fault. I didn’t find all those in the book.

What’s it about? Witches are supposed to make pranks and frighten people. But little Witcheena, while mischievous, longed for a friend. She finally found one in a carnival she was putting pranks on. The only problem is, her new friend’s not a witchling but an earthling! And her earthling friend mustn’t find out she’s a witch for Witcheena might turn into a toad! And there’s her Auntie too, who’s counting on her to do what a real witch must do and who might just not approve of her misbehavior.

Simply written, The Resident Witch is a book that can be read quickly. It has only got 119 pages and has cute illustrations of Witcheena, the witchling; her Senior Witch Auntie; Cadenza, the broom; Angela, the cat; and Nancy, the earthling, among others (illustrated by Marilyn Miller).

The edition that I have was printed in 1973, and it says “95 cents” on the front cover. Ain’t that cool.

The Resident Witch by Marian T. Place was published in 1970.

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