They Do It with Mirrors by Agatha Christie

This may be very shocking news, but I’ve never heard of Agatha Christie until my mother suggested I read her books last year. (Please don’t be furious; I feel so ashamed already.) So I bought my first Agatha Christie July last year — a random one on sale — and I can’t believe it took me almost a year to finally decide to read it.

They Do It with Mirrors by Agatha Christie is, according to Goodreads, number six of the Miss Marple books. To those who don’t know yet, Jane Marple is our crime solver. She’s a sweet and shrewd old lady.

The first few chapters were a bit blah for me. I felt it was only descriptions of the characters, and there were so many of them I kept on forgetting which was which — especially since I don’t usually read whole books in just one sitting. There were eight books in my currently reading pile then, so it was a bit difficult for me to keep up with the characters.

It was in Chapter 7 when I got really excited (yes, I took note of that). And I mean really excited I had to postpone reading the other books. The story was, how do you describe it, like a big puzzle. A puzzle that is difficult to crack. And most of all a puzzle you’re itching to solve. Despite the book being small and only 213 pages, it took me a few days to finish it because, well, I had to pause sometimes to think —¬†hard¬†— about who the murderer could be. And I had to go back and re-read sections of the book to decide which character was inconsistent, who could be possibly lying, or who acted weirdly when the crime happened. I regretted not getting to know the characters well in the first chapters. But it was still fun reading it because I felt like a sleuth studying people and their personalities and observing their every move and figuring out who looked suspicious and things of the sort in order to solve the mystery. I wanted so bad to solve it before I reached the end, you know.

A drawing of a map of one section of the house where the murder took place was of great help too. There were lots of times when I simultaneously read the book and flipped back to the beginning to look at the map that I now think it would have been best to have just torn the page to save myself from going back and forth. Also, after just being read once, the book doesn’t look brand new anymore. It looks a little old and creased now, which is, I’ve just realized, a sign of enjoying a book too much, and at the same time being thrilled by it.

Agatha Christie’s a genius. What has been said of her is right: “She is truly the one and only Queen of Crime.” Am I planning to read her other books? Absolutely! People have been recommending And Then There Were None to me, so yes, that will be my next Agatha Christie read. I already have the book!!

Hmm, and it seems I’ve found a new favorite author.

They Do It with Mirrors by Agatha Christie is the sixth book in the Miss Marple series and was published in 1952.

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