The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

If the Night Circus were real, I’d be a regular visitor. My nights would be spent going through its myriad tents, and if I had enough savings, I’d follow the circus to whichever country it appears next. It will be an addiction. The Night Circus — Le Cirque des Rêves — is an escape from reality.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is like a dream. Every scene is so beautiful I’d love to paint all of them — if I could paint, that is. In the book, you’ll find a carousel with ravens and gryphons and foxes instead of horses; a ship made of books, which sails on black ink; a maze that goes up and down; an amusement ride where you watch the stars. Everything is absolutely breathtaking.

The characters are magical as well. However, despite being the main characters and being the only ones mentioned in the synopsis at the back cover of the book, Celia and Marco are not on my list of favorite characters, because if there is one thing about the book that I’m not too keen on, it’s their love story — which may be an odd thing for me to say considering it’s one of the essential things in the book. Maybe I didn’t like the way they fell in love.

My favorite characters (in order) are Bailey, Poppet, Widget, and Isobel, and I am still not certain as to who will take up the fifth spot. I love Bailey because I feel like he’s a guy version of Cinderella and at the same time a hero; Poppet because she’s a circus performer with lovely red hair, and I wanted her so much for Bailey; Widget because he tells stories, and he told one about a wizard in a tree; and Isobel because, while I believe almost everyone in the book has an air of mystery about them, she seems the most mysterious to me. I found myself wanting to know what she did, what happened to her, after the book ended, as well as her past. Maybe it has something to do with her being the fortune teller. Sometimes, I feel like writing to Erin Morgenstern to ask her these questions, but then I’d feel I shouldn’t be asking such things.

On a side note, the cover of The Night Circus is the prettiest cover I’ve ever seen, and it’s now my favorite. I had a photo shoot with it one time when it had just been brought home from the bookstore. It was the most fun book photo shoot I ever had.

And I’d like to end this by saying what originally was supposed to be the first sentence of this post: Thank you, Erin, for writing such a beautiful book.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was published in 2011.


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