Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: Spring into Style

When I was little, most of what I did was read chapter books. My favorites were Nancy Drew books and anything with Mary-Kate and Ashley in it. I was such an MK&A fan I even kept a mini album of their pictures, which I collected and got from The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley series. I used to watch their TV movies over and over again and I always listened to their Christmas album. I read and kept a clear book of magazine articles about them and I knew which twin was which in each photo of them that I’ve seen. Heck, I even had MK&A dolls, the ones with the horseback riding and ballet outfits. Now if only I could get my hands on clothing items from Olsenboye, Elizabeth & James, and The Row …

I’ve already stopped reading MK&A chapter books when I was really very young, but my aunt for some unknown reason gave me book fourteen of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 series, which I still haven’t read. Just looking at it brought back many childhood memories, and so I postponed reading other books I was supposed to read first, went into a coffee shop, and started reading Spring into Style, while sipping my Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino.

I felt sorry it wasn’t as wonderful as I hoped it would be. It didn’t even make me feel nostalgic reading it. I wanted to like it. But the plot was too childish. And I didn’t like that they had all these petty problems and dilemmas that worried them nonstop but, in my opinion, were actually easy to solve. Does that mean I’m mature now? 😀 I will, however, always love MK&A chapter books as they were a huge part of my childhood. And I probably was able to relate to all those problems and dilemmas I now call petty when I was younger anyway. For now though, I’d just keep my chapter book collection and remember, every time I look at them, how much I’ve enjoyed reading them as a little girl.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: Spring into Style by Laurel Stowe Brady was published in 2004.


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