Trying My Hand at Book Spine Poetry

Once upon a time, I felt both bookish and ambitious and I thought I could try my hand at book spine poetry. Or arranging book titles and stacking books so as to create a poem, or an interesting story. Here’s an example:

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Amazing, isn’t it? So what I did was gather some of my books from my closet, and I started moving them around and racking my brain trying to create a nice piece.

And these are the best ones that I’ve come up with.

Get it? Gulliver traveled by going on a road trip? OH never mind.

Here’s another one after probably an hour of rearranging and stacking.

There’s more I’ve made, but no, you wouldn’t want to see them.

Oh well, I was never good at poetry anyway.

I’ll end this with a fun book spine poem.

Photo credit:

If you click on the images, you’ll be directed to the articles where I got them and see more and learn more about book spine poetry.


    1. Hi, Aspen! I don’t even remember how I learned about this. Haha. Probably just stumbled upon some articles about it. It’s fun, but difficult! (Well, at least for me.) πŸ™‚

      1. I’m going to have to try it out…although I am not much of a poet myself. I could see it being a really fun project for kids/students though. πŸ™‚


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