Books I’ve Read and Where I Should Have Read Them

Listed below are ten books I’ve read (and recommend) and the places where I wish I’ve read them (i.e., places which I feel match the stories).

1. Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

I still feel this is the perfect bedtime story. This is the kind of book I’d want to think about as I lie in bed, waiting for sleep to come. Sometimes I hate myself for reading something depressing or stressful before going to sleep because I’d think about them a lot and then it’s hello, insomnia. Since this book isn’t at all stressful nor depressing, I think it is only fitting that this be read before bedtime, maybe with a cookie and a glass of milk, since you’ll be seeing the word “milk” a lot in this book. The book is amusing and also short, so no, I don’t think it will cause a sleepless night.

2. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

You know that part of the garden reserved for garden parties? I think that’s the perfect spot for this book. Remember that the time of day is important too. I recommend that there be lots of sunlight.


3. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Personally, I think it is ideal to read this at the beginning of the year, or at the end so you’ll have a fresh perspective about life by New Year. But since we’re talking about “places” here and not “time,” then I think it would be great to read this while having breakfast in bed since breakfast, for me, signifies the start of the day and reminds me of new beginnings. Hopefully, after having finished reading the book in the morning (if you’re a fast reader), the rest of your day will go well.

4. Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

This book reminds me of a beach house (not the beach) since the two main characters — summer sisters — loved to spend their time together in one. I think it kind of reminds me of their friendship. So yes, I recommend you read this book in a beach house.

5. Ranger’s Apprentice 2: The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

Reading this while camping in the forest, I feel, would send me the chills by the time I get to the part where Will and his group hide from the Wargals. Weirdly, this book also reminds me very much of Will’s hot stew, and it always makes me want to eat one. So while camping with your friends, it would be a good idea to have a pot of delicious hot stew cooking on the campfire. Really, I think camping and stew go well together.


6. Mates, Dates series by Cathy Hopkins

I read this in high school with a friend. Yes, when I say with a friend I mean we read it together. Normally, I like reading books on my own (I mean, don’t we all?), but reading this series with her, and other books of this kind, was so much fun! We laughed at the same time and said words we felt nobody else in our school knew about like “horizontal shoe shuffle.” Ha-ha. And then we’d make up stories of our own on yellow lined paper, one of which is about a chocolate prince who fell in love with a pastry princess. Because of that reading experience and because this series reminds me of girl friends and laughter and helping and encouraging one another, I think it would be fun to read these books during a very pink and bookish sleepover party. I’ve always had daydreams of having a sleepover party with bookish friends where, after all the dressing up and the manicuring of nails and the putting on of makeup and the eating of pizza, we allot time for reading, i.e., we all go to our preferred corners and reading spots and read the night away. Maybe we could discuss things afterward if we want to. So I think it will be some sort of sleepover/book club, except it’s not a very serious book club where we give detailed opinions and reviews about books. In my bookish sleepover party, we don’t even have to discuss the books at all! I just like the reading-together-in-one-room part. But I’m too old for that kind of thing. Or maybe not? 😉

Oh my! I want pink tents in my sleepover party! Photo credit:

7. They Do It with Mirrors (Miss Marple #6) by Agatha Christie

This would be more suspenseful if it were read in a hotel room and you were spending the night alone. That would also probably make it easier for you to think about who could have committed the crime.

8. Everyday Happy: 365 Ways to a Better You by Jenny Hare

When I think of reading in a bathtub, I think of books that are easy to digest and that are, um, pink. (No, pink is not my favorite color. I don’t have one.) Everyday Happy is my preferred bathtub read; it is positive and inspiring and has a pink cover.

9. On Love by Alain de Botton

For me, train stations are one of the best locations to think, to analyze. Whenever I see pictures of people sitting alone in train stations, I imagine them contemplating about life. Maybe it’s because I feel they are about to leave someone, someone they love, perhaps. So while you’re in a train station, why not read an analysis on love? You may also continue it in the train.


10. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Aside from my bookish sleepover dream above, I have this other dream I want to accomplish but I’m not sure I can given the circumstances. I mean, first of all I don’t know how to cook. I’ve always wanted to invite friends over to lunch, or brunch, and cook for them. But I don’t plan to eat with them. I just want to do all the cooking and the serving of food. I am weird like that. Once I set down the first dish on the table, and as my guests eat and happily chat, I go back to the kitchen to cook the next meal. And in between cooking meals, I’d read Like Water for Chocolate, which is also full of food and cooking. If reading between cooking meals is impossible (after all, I don’t know if it is possible, or even safe), then I’d read the whole book before cooking the first of my many dishes and before all the guests arrive, y’know, for inspiration.


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