Bookish Updates

I know, I know. I should start being creative and stop using the word “bookish” for the titles of my blog posts. But that creativity would have to wait. For now, I’d still continue using “bookish” whenever I feel like writing anything bookish.

For the past few weeks I have been involved in a lot of book talks, which, believe it or not, I actually find weird. People seem to come to talk to me about books now when in the past nobody did and I was so desperate to meet people who loved to talk about books like I do. At any rate, I am so glad that these bookish people have suddenly, finally turned up.

So, updates.

1) Niña, a member of my pretend book club, e-mailed Jany, another member, and me, reminding us to read Vampire Academy and Divergent before watching the movie versions. She strictly follows the “read the book before watching the movie” rule. Knowing her, being the fast reader that she is, she of course has already read the books as well as watched both movies. She is now reading A Game of Thrones. By the way, did you know that the book is called “A Game of Thrones” while the TV series dropped the “A” and is called “Game of Thrones” and that A Game of Thrones is actually not the title of the whole series but the title of the first book of George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire? Oh — yes? Well, I didn’t know that until now.

2) Apart from Niña, two of my college friends have also been asking me if I’ve read Divergent (which they did) and if I want to watch the movie (yes, I do). Since three of my friends now have expressed their like for it, then I am giving it a chance and will start reading it this year.

Main reason I want to watch (and therefore read) Divergent: Shailene Woodley Photo credits:  Left photo - Right photo -

Main reason I want to watch (and therefore read) Divergent: Shailene Woodley
Photo credits: Left –, right –

3) Jany is now reading The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho, which she told me once is her favorite author. Also, we are planning to attend Ransom Riggs’ book signing in April! I am so excited! I need to buy the book!

4) Because I’ve read most of Coraline by Neil Gaiman at the dentist’s clinic, my dentist — one of my favorite people in the world to talk to — saw me reading it, and after having a part of my gums cut off, we had a talk about our favorite books. Turns out her favorite genre is romance, and she lent me her book Remember When by Nora Roberts & J. D. Robb (wait, are they one and the same?). Now, I don’t really like romance novels (I mean, I gave The Notebook one out of five stars (sorry, Nicholas Sparks!)), but I will give this one a try because, like I said in one of my posts, I want to read popular authors at least once.

5) On my third visit to the dentist, where I had more of my gums cut off (stupid gums), I again brought with me Coraline (which I had already finished) and lent it to my dentist.

6) So I finished Coraline a long time ago but am too lazy a blogger to blog about it (oh, no). But just so you know, I gave it five out of five stars and included it in my favorite-books shelf on Goodreads.

7) One time, my friend Kat told me that, after every book she’s finished, she would stop reading altogether for a few days to give “respect” to the characters she has become friends with until she is again ready to welcome another story and another set of characters. As for me, it’s the opposite. While I too feel I have become friends with the characters, after I finish reading a book, I immediately read another one so as not to think too much of the previous book, which if I do would make me feel lonely and/or make my head spin (for reals). Our talk has made me wonder about other people’s reading rituals.

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