Top 10 Fictional Characters I’d Take with Me to an Island

1. Halt

I would obviously need someone with bow and arrow skills. As well as someone who’d know what to do when trouble comes and someone I could look up to. I’d say Halt is the best fictional archer.

2. Will

Okay, another archer, but Will just has to be in here. I cannot imagine Will and Halt not being together in the same adventure. Plus, I think they’d make the perfect team!

3. Dorothy

No, she’s neither an archer nor any type of warrior. But I would definitely need someone with a huge determination to go home, and that person is none other than Dorothy! She’d kill a witch if she needs to!

4. Evanlyn

I just have a feeling I’d get along with her. Heh. Plus I want her and Will to end up together. Plus I’d need more female companions.

5. Josh Newman

One of the fictional characters I am in love with. I’d need inspiration.

6. Jacob Portman

Because he’s the only one who can see the monsters! It’d be difficult to fight something we can’t see!

7. Widget

I’d be needing a storyteller when I get bored! Or a circus act.

8. Peeta Mellark

Because I’d need someone patient. Because I’d need someone who could calm me down whenever I’d get too angry or scared.

9. Pa

He can do anything — build a house, play the fiddle, everything! Ask Mary and Laura.

10. Hermione Granger

Do I even have to explain this one?

Side note: I just feel I have to explain how hard it was for me to not include Poppet and Sophie Newman. But I had to make a decision. There are only ten slots. I’m sure Widget and Josh Newman would understand.

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