Remember When by Nora Roberts & J.D. Robb

My dentist is one of those people I enjoy visiting because we talk a lot about and exchange books. We do not have the same interests in books at all, which I appreciate because then we both could try out different genres.

The first book she’s lent me was Remember When by Nora Roberts & J.D. Robb. (I lent her Coraline by Neil Gaiman — see the big dissimilarity in our tastes?) I admit it was difficult for me to even pry open the book as I wasn’t interested to read it at all. (I’m a hundred percent sure she felt the same way with Coraline.) But I’ve finished it. And I liked it. At first I felt like giving up, but I soon found it suspenseful as there was a crime involved. The book is divided into two parts, and after Part One, I found it impossible to move on to Part Two, and here’s why: I already fell in love with Laine Tavish’s character from the first part, so I had a hard time accepting that it’ll be a different girl I’d be reading about in the second part, Lieutenant Eve Dallas — who I’ve also learned to like eventually. It’s amazing actually; the first half is set during the present and the second is futuristic. But both revolve around the same stupid diamonds — I mean, crime. All in all, this is a good first Nora Roberts read.

I wish I’ve read this: in a luxury hotel room, with a glass of wine perhaps?

Remember When by Nora Roberts is book 17.5 in the In Death series and was published in 2003.

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