Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in…Tiger Trouble! by Grant Goodman

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When I was little, I wanted to be a secret agent. And a ninja. I am not kidding. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw both “agent” and “ninja” in just one book title. I had a feeling this was going to be a fun-to-read book. And I was right. Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in…Tiger Trouble! by Grant Goodman took me on a fun adventure, and I found myself saying “Cool!” a lot throughout the book because of so many things that were awesome (for example, there are schools specially for ninjas and secret agents!).

Ninja Steve is twelve and Agent Darcy thirteen. In the book, we learn about their classes, teachers (there’s a tomato-throwing sensei), friends, and trials in school as well as their personal lives outside school. When Agent Darcy and another agent, Serena, were selected to become exchange students to accomplish a secret mission in ninja school, Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve meet and become friends, and later on were thrown on an unforeseen mission (against ghosts!), which, for me, was when the real action started.

I would also like to say that Tiger Trouble made me hungry … a lot. I had to take short breaks to eat. There were tempura, soup, pancakes, teriyaki chicken, and Tae Kwon Donuts; and the mention of curry udon, which won the Soup Olympics, made me wonder what it tastes like (and where I can order one here). I love the author’s imagination in coming up with cool gadgets, like phones that can go on “Stealth” mode, and places like the mirror maze and a campus that looks like an obstacle course, where students zip-line, jump through holes, and climb steel bars instead of stairs. There are many things I loved about Tiger Trouble, and the teamwork and friendship that developed between Ninja Steve and Agent Darcy, as well as with the other characters in the book, were part of them.

Read this book if you want to go on a fun and exciting adventure and if you want ninjas, agents, and ghosts (and a tiger, of course) in just one story. (I’d also recommend it to my ten-year-old niece.) Really, this book made me happy.

I was provided this book in exchange for an honest review.

Tiger Trouble! by Grant Goodman is the first book in the Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve series and was published in 2015.



    1. I had so much fun reading! I actually bought pancakes right after finishing the book. I also found a restaurant serving curry udon close to where I live, so I’ll definitely try that! 🙂

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