November Rain by Shannon A. Thompson


November Rain by Shannon A. Thompson is the first book of the Bad Bloods series. It was exciting right from the very first chapter. The story was very interesting, and it never bored me. There are also several quotes that I loved, which I am going to include in between paragraphs in this review. Most important of all, it affected me in a way that I never expected. The story involves a presidential election, where having a wrong leader could mean the death of a certain group of people: bad bloods.

If he won the election, everyone would be killed.

Bad bloods have abilities that are unusual and unique. For example, Daniel, one of the protagonists, has the power to heal. Blake, who is an adorable little boy, can read minds. My favorite ability is Jake’s, who can double, triple, or quadruple himself. I find all these different individuals and their abilities fascinating. However, there are disadvantages when using their powers. Healing somebody hurt and exhausted Daniel, for example. Their being different from other people is a reason why they hid and feared for their lives.

Watching them use their powers so openly caused a smile to leap over my lips. One day, I hoped they could do it every day, without concern, but the election would decide that.

Daniel and Serena are the main characters. They are from two different flocks, the Northern Flock and the Southern Flock, respectively, two flocks that hate each other. The reason wasn’t disclosed yet, but it started a very long time ago. At first, I couldn’t understand how there could be hatred between them. They are all bad bloods; why not unite? But then I realized it’s the same with people — in the real world, I mean. We’re all the same human beings yet we still hate each other. So having hatred between two groups or two flocks isn’t incomprehensible after all. It’s actually normal.

I stared at the cat, an animal that knew nothing but survival. Just like us.

I think it’s fate that Daniel and Serena meet several times in the book. I don’t think there is any romance between them — or at least not yet. But there is a lot of love in the book — love between friends, love in a family, love for children, love between flock members. You can definitely feel the concern that they have for each other. Even flock leaders care deeply for their own flocks. There was even one chapter that made me cry a little bit — the part where Serena visited her family but didn’t show herself to them. She learned that her parents still love her and that they still know her name even though Serena left them at a very young age.

No one could ever truly forget love.

November Rain happened in November 2089 — the month of the elections. I was affected even if Election Day in my country isn’t in November, even if ours already happened last May, even if I only started to become worried and concerned about politics last year. November Rain is very relatable and at the same time very inspiring, breathtaking, and beautiful. Bad Bloods was originally published nine years ago then taken off the market, and I’m glad it has been given a second chance this year. A story like this should definitely be published. It should be read by everyone because I believe everyone will learn at least one valuable lesson from it. I really like the messages of the book.

“Don’t focus on what others have,” I repeated one of Cal’s tough love lessons. Jealousy only destroyed.

The ending though was very sudden. It didn’t feel like the end, and it made me go, “What? WHY?” But still, it was a beautiful book, and it’s something I’m very sure I would read again. I also thought of The Hunger Games and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children while reading it, so if you loved those books, you should definitely check Bad Bloods out! November Rain releases today! I am really excited and happy for author Shannon A. Thompson. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful book!

Home. That’s what utopia is.

I’d like to thank Shannon A. Thompson for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

November Rain, the first book in the Bad Bloods series, by Shannon A. Thompson releases on July 18, 2016.


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